Back-to-School Advice

Get ready for school with essential tips from kerBLINK!
Improvised by Kirby Heyborne and Lincoln Hoppe.

Back to school tip #38 – Always plan your lunch!

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Back-to-School Tip #1 (& #2) – Stay in School Song

A song filled with wisdom about school.
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Back-to-School Tip #3 – Don’t Cheat!

Going back to school is a magical time – Don’t Cheat!
Improvised by Kirby Heyborne and Lincoln Hoppe

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kerBLINK School Tip #4 – Don’t Leave School

Another great back to school tip! Don’t leave school (for any reason)!
Improvised by: Lincoln Hoppe & Kirby Heyborne

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School tip #5 — Learn how to memorize!

Amaze your friends! Get straight A’s with this tip!

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kerBLINK School Tip #6 – How to Fit In

We all know how difficult it can sometimes be to fit in at school. kerBLINK offers advice on how to fit in, and be popular! How to be cool! This school tip is for you! – Vote us FUNNY!!


kerBLINK School Tip #7 – Learning is Hot!

kerBLINK School Tip #8 – School Transportation

kerBLINK School Tip #9 – Extra-Curricular Ativities

kerBLINK School Tip #10 – Grades Are Everything.

kerBLINK School Tip #11 – Physical Education is Important!

kerBLINK School Tip #12 – Follow Your Dreams

School Tip #13 – Pets and School
This is slightly spooky!
Improvised by Lincoln Hoppe and Kirby Heyborne

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